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The safety of your glass order is very important to us at Bear Glass.

The combination of packing equipment is just as important and vital as the placement of your glass in a crate. We use the following packing material to insure your glass is safe.

Products we provide:


Timely Delivery

Prompt, reliable and cost-effective services tailored to suit client requirements, are the hallmarks of Bear Glass. A large fleet of trucks, a wide network, trained human resources at every station fuel the reliable, safe and timely delivery of glass. Led by its management team with over 20 years of combined experience in management and the glass delivery team; thousands of customers have appreciated our value pricing, timely delivery, quality installation, service and support.

We insure fast and timely delivery to your business, company, factory, apartment, or house. After delivery we are fully capable of installing and setting up the glass in requested location.

Glass Racks

Our racks are built from only the lightest, strongest materials. Here at Bear Glass we have been providing glass racks and van racking solutions for 20years, that’s over two decades of experience, supplying to all levels of the glass, from multi-national blue chip companies to single one-man operators. We are confident we have the safest, lightest and best value for money frame and glass frail on the market today.

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